Monday, July 18, 2011

Wear the Hat that Fits

I've been studying marketing and internet marketing for several years now and I don't claim to be an expert but I have learned enough from the experts that I am motivated to share it with others.

I'm like a funnel, wide at the top, that's where I take in all this information, and narrow at the bottom, where out comes the distilled, useful, focused knowledge I can pass on to others.  

For example, I'm not a 'webmaster', but I know how to create a simple, effective inexpensive website that will make sales.  And I know where to go for the most cost-effective technical help for those things that I don't do.

Nobody can be truly effective while trying to wear all the hats in their business.  You didn't open your own store so you could spend hours cleaning floors and washing windows, did you?  No, your time is more profitably spent working with clients.

'Marketing Guy' is one of those hats too many business owners try to wear.  Like so many other business owners, all you know is to place ads that show your name, address, what you do, maybe a picture and some cute phrase the ad rep says will attract people's attention.  So your ad ends up looking like everybody else's.  Or maybe you try the 'We have the Best Prices' gamut only to see someone else in the same venue with the same or lower prices.   

You need to have a good accountant, a good lawyer, a good window washer and do what I did when I started my carpet cleaning business, get a good marketing guy to advise you and show you what works.

Call me, I'll show you what works.

Thanks for reading.

Forrest Brandt
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